Kailasa Seattle – Nithyanadeshwara Parmashiva Hindu Temple


Adi Shaivate temple – Based on Vedagamic tradition


Blessed with some of the largest deities in North America:
12ft Nataraja, 10ft Venkateshwara, 8ft Sivagama Sundari Devi


Reviving hinduism through authentic practices of Yoga, Meditation, rituals, puja, deeksha (initiation), shastra & Power Manifestation

All the deities are done Prana Prathista by the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam HDH Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam

The founder of Kailasa Seattle – The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism (SPH) Jagadguru Mahasannidhanam His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (HDH) is the reviver of KAILASA – the ancient enlightened civilization, the great cosmic borderless Hindu nation. 

SPH has revived the science of power manifestation, Yoga and created temple based universities for humanity. The Sovereign Order of Kailasa led by SPH and the Nithyananda Order of monks, nuns and Hindu diaspora are working for global peace, and to give a super conscious breakthrough to humanity. Nithyananda Hindu University (world’s largest Hindu University) with extended campuses in 150 countries is collecting, organizing, preserving, time-capsuling, decoding, spreading and reviving 20 million source books of Hinduism. Read more…

Pujas offered

Lives enriched

Meals served

Volunteer hours

Upcoming Events

Guru Purnima Celebrations

Celebrate the happening of the Avatar in all our lives!

Event date: July 23, 2021
Event Location: 1770 NW Maple St, Issquah, WA – 98027

Nithya Dhyan Meditation

Dynamic Chakra Meditation
Every Sat, Sun: 7pm PST

Vaakyartha Sadas

(Females Only)

Internalizing and contemplating on the powerful cognitions

Every day at 9pm PST

Paramashiva Dhyana Mantra

Sacred chant that showers abundance of all auspiciousness in life — to the listeners and the ones who chant. 
Mon – Fri: 8:30 – 9 pm PT


The temple is currently open limited hours due to COVID restrictions (Everyday from 6pm – 8pm PT). We live stream darshans/pujas/abhishekams using zoom during festivals/special occassions.


7:00 AM Suprabatham & Naivedhyam Offering (Sacred process of waking up the deities)
6:00 PM Padapuja & Abhishekam
7:30 PM Special Naivedhyam Offering (11 items)
9:00 PM Palliare (Sacred process of putting the deities to sleep)


7:00 AM Suprabatham & Naivedhyam Offering (Sacred process of waking up the deities)
9:00 AM Special Abhishekam (1st week – Ganesha, 2nd – Venkateshwara, 3rd week – Navagraha & Ayyappa, 4th week – Subramanya)
6:00 PM Rudra Abhishekam & Padapuja
7:30 PM Special Naivedhyam Offering (11 items)
9:00 PM Palliare (Sacred process of putting the deities to sleep)

Powerful Cognitions for today!

Offer Gratitude

Pratyaksha Padapuja

Maheshwara Puja



Paramashivoham Level 1 (PSM 1- Season 3)
March 10th to March 30th, 2023(21 days)
7 PM to 5 AM IST( 8.30 am EST - 6.30 pm EST)
Register NOW: https://events.kailaasa.org/psm1/
#paramashivohamlevel1 #nithyananda #Kailasa #spiritualretreat #enlightenment #selftransformation

Embrace the rich traditions of Hinduism and experience the transformative power of spiritual practice with #Kailasa
#kailasa #Nithyananda

Join the growing community of #Kailasa e-citizens and discover a new world of spiritual and cultural exploration, and connect with a global network of fellow seekers.
#kailasa #Nithyananda

As a #Kailasa e-citizen, you will have access to a wealth of resources and services, including spiritual guidance, education, and community events, all designed to help you live your best life.
#kailasa #Nithyananda

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The Press Secretary Office of The Holy See of Hinduism Responds to Ms. Mohua Das, Senior Assistant Editor, The Times of India @TimesofIndia
Q: What comprises the United States of #Kailasa and who came up with it?
A: We are a revival of the ancient https://gov.shrikailasa.org/about/flag-and-emblem… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1637879074973425676

The Press Secretary Office of The Holy See of #Hinduism Responds to Mr. Michael Kaplan, New York Post

Dear Mr. Michael Kaplan,
Thank you for reaching out. Let me first address four core inaccuracies in the recent news reports:
Q1: What is the truth https://kailaasa.org/e-citizen/… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1637876336311017479

So in todays Hindu Votes we ask you to decide:
Should Hindu History based on Puranas and biographies of Maha Purushas be made mandatory in the school curriculum instead of colonial history?

#Hinduvotes #Hindu #Votes #Hinduism #education
We covered that the Puranas tell the… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1637832725267730434

The Press Secretary Office of The Holy See of #Hinduism Responds to Mr. Siddhant Mishra, Journalist, CNN News18
Dear Mr. Siddhant Mishra,
Thank you for reaching out and for your inquiries. Please see below the answers to your questions:
Q1. Does #Kailasa https://github.com/kailaasa/docs-for-media/tree/main/Reports%20by%20human%20rights%20experts%20and%20lawyers?fbclid=IwAR0OzwFQCyjLIuUORviboh0nWSrMVtNOimXlnzlqxHUQNIFN9oz2uT8Ppyk… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1637761112216043521

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